My credit card keeps getting denied or I cannot book an event. What can I do?

What to do if your credit card keeps being declined.

If there seems to be an issue in reserving funds for your event, please be advised that there might be several reasons for it:

  • your credit card expired
  • you have mistyped a card detail
  • you do not have sufficient funds on your card to fund the event
  • your card was issued in a country or region or for a currency that we cannot accept payments from
  • technical reason (a server on our end or yours temporarily down, not allowing cookies in your browser, etc.)

As a first step, please verify that it isn't one of the first four listed reasons.

Alternatively, you may try a different card. 

If none of those work, please get in touch with us via email at or by calling 1 (213) 660-4110.

Not satisfied with the answer? Send us an email to