Is streaming supported on any device?

Yes and no.

Virtuosica is a brand new platform and currently available in beta. That means that Virtuosica is built ideally for desktop use, although the website is responsive and can be accessed and used on mobile browsers and smart TV browsers too. You may also cast the live stream to any device that allows screen casting via wifi or a wired connection.

Devices that you can enjoy Virtuosica live streamed performances on include:

  • Any laptop or desktop computer
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Smart TVs (via casting)
  • Venues equipped with projectors and screens 
  • Venues equipped with professional-grade sound and video devices

For performers, we recommend live streaming from a laptop and connecting any external gear or software you might want to use additionally to your laptop. We also recommend wired internet connections for better and more stable connectivity. Although streaming via wifi or a smartphone is possible, it may not render the best connection or quality.  

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