How and when do I get paid?

Payouts for performances are generally available to Virtuosica Artists five days after the performance has been delivered.

We use Stripe to process payments, reserve funds from event hosts, and pay out Virtuosica Artists. 

Generally, funds for an event are reserved as soon as the event has been booked, i.e. the Artist or Artists have been hired on Virtuosica by the event owner. 

These funds are held until five days after the performance has been delivered. During this holding time, event hosts and hired artists may file a complaint or dispute. If such a complaint or dispute is filed, Virtuosica reserves the right to hold funds indefinitely until the complaint or dispute is resolved. 

When funds become available, Artists will see the available amount on their Earnings page and may request payout of the available amount at any time by connecting the appropriate account for payout. 

Actual receipt of payout to your accounts from Virtuosica depends on your bank and the payout system you use.

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