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Can I use Virtuosica to book gigs if I don't live stream the gig on Virtuosica?

Absolutely! Although there are a couple of caveats.

Virtuosica aims to provide musicians and bands with all of the digital tools they need to manage their careers and bookings. A big part of that is contracting and payment processing - in other words, making sure there is a legally binding agreement in place for each gig and that musicians are guaranteed payment for delivering successful performances while customers are ensured they'll get what they paid for. 

Essentially, this means that you can go ahead and use Virtuosica's hiring and contracting process for in-person performances, hybrid events, and virtual concerts alike. 

However - and this is so important - please note that neither customers nor performers are always covered by Virtuosica's performance rights agreements with BMI and ASCAP for in-person performances or hybrid performances. So you may need a separate performance license from any of the five major performance rights organizations.

If your event is legally deemed a private event and you don't need an additional license or if you or the establishment hosting the event already holds such a license, then you may indeed use Virtuosica to hire, contract, and process payment of fees for concerts and performances that are not live streamed exclusively on Virtuosica. 

To figure out whether or not you need a separate performance rights license for your in-person or hybrid event refer to this article. 


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